My Bio

I'm originally from Ft. Myers, FL. I started martial arts in 1993 with Taekwondo. Through out the years trained in many other different arts of: Hapkido, Tai Chi, Jeet Kune Do, Wing Chun, Kickboxing and Judo.
Along the way have successfully managed 3 different martial arts businesses.
Became the rank of Master in 2010 and certified Master Instructor in 2012. Approved by 4 Korean 9th degree Grandmasters.
Through the years I have been trained by many Grandmasters and in different martial arts. This helps give us many Aspects while still keeping our traditions.

"I teach martial arts because I love it! For me it is a way of life. The philosophy of martial arts is applied in everything I do, in everyday life. This journey here is a passion project more than a business. One of my goals is, to give everyone quality training with as many options and flexibility to classes while remaining budget friendly."

Master John Knight

Master John Knight

What clients say

Aspect Martial Arts Center strives to serve our community with our service and commitment of strong leadership for our youth. This will be done by encouraging self confidence and good moral, teaching discipline and successful goal setting. All while building strong bodies with the physical training provided. This brings the mind and body together as one.