What you think you are paying for:               

• Being taught to kick and punch.

What you are actually paying for:

• A Supporter.

• A Friend.

• A Stress Reliever.

• Being encouraged to believe in yourself.

• Being taught Personal Victory.

• Someone who encourages you and your children to have Respect, Patience, Humility, Discipline, Perseverance, Empathy, Courtesy, Listening Skills, Loyalty, and Self-Control just ta name a few.

• Being taught how to work hard and enjoy life.

• Being held accountable for your actions. 

• Being encouraged to set goals AND to reach your goals.

• Someone who helps you build emotional strength and mental stability.

• Someone who will hug you when you are down, pick you up when you’ve fallen, remind you of your worth, and stand by you loyally when you feel like no one else will.

• Knowledge, Wisdom, Martial Arts Training Opportunity, Training Equipment, and a safe Dojang to train in, and someone who puts their heart and soul into you.

• Someone who has spent their entire life in training to assist you.

Still think you are paying for “Kicking and Punching class?

Aspect Martial Arts Center strives to serve our community with our service and commitment of strong leadership for our youth. This will be done by encouraging self confidence and good moral, teaching discipline and successful goal setting. All while building strong bodies with the physical training provided. This brings the mind and body together as one.